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Our forms are current and up to date as of . (The Courts only accept current forms.)
Are you considering Bankruptcy?

From this site you can get everything you need for filing chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcies. You'll receive all of the forms needed for filing, and you can fill them out right on your computer. But more importantly, you can get easy to understand instructions, detailed information about the bankruptcy process, and a current copy of the US Bankruptcy code. We also offer support from a nationwide network of attorneys from a fortune 500 company, for a low monthly fee. Why over pay?

We offer two choices:

File without an attorney

There is no requirement that you use an attorney to file bankruptcy. Why not take a short amount of time to become familiar with the process? Make the decision to file bankruptcy armed with knowledge and the ability to powerfully manage the entire process.

Affordable Legal Services

Filing bankruptcy can be complicated, we offer support from a national network of attorneys from a fortune 500 company. You can talk to an attorney in your state whenever you like for a low monthly fee. No contract required.

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